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9 Year Old NH Boy Takes Saving American Horses from Slaughter to the Air Waves

Declan Pleads with Americans to Save Our Horses

THANKS so much Kelly Brown for giving Declan an opportunity to raise awareness about what is happening to America’s horses every day.

This is a radio interview done with Kelly Brown from Clear Channel Radio on March 8th, 2012 which airs on March 11, 2012 on all local Clear Channel radio stations. The interview was also shortened to be highlighted on the “Community Spotlight” program.

Join 9 year old Declan in his fight to save America’s horses from slaughter. Write letters about what you like about horses, why horses are special to you or even just draw a picture. Send letters and drawings to Declan at:
℅ Children 4 Horses
PO Box 614
Greenland, NH 03840

Declan will take your letters to Washington DC with him as part of the Equine Welfare Alliance‘s (EWA) Million Horse March, and present them to Congress and the Senate on March 27th, 2012.

To help Declan get to Washington DC, a PayPal account has been set up for donations:

Declan will also be collecting money and making a donation to the NHSPCA’s “SOS Fund” to help local horses in need. If you would like to make a contribution, please use the same PayPal account and make a note, “SOS Fund”.

Grown-ups can write him letters too – just be sure to contact your State Representatives directly and ask them to support/co-sponsor S.1176/H.R. 2966 The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

Check out Declan’s blog at:
Visit Children 4 Horses on Facebook at:

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  1. Good for the kids that are getting involved in protecting Ameican horses from slaughter. If we all make enough noise, maybe someone will listen.


  2. What an intelligent and compassionate little boy. Declan will certainly help make an impact by bringing awareness to an issue, which will effect the future of all equines.


  3. guys I and john holland know how we can pass the horse slaughter prevention act, I think talks are beginning about the farm bill we should get the provisions from the horse slaughter prevention act amended to that farm bill, you know the farm bill only comes up every 5 years so this is the chance.


    • Andy: Please keep everyone updated about the farm bill so we can get something done about this. Thanks for the info.


  4. Way to Go Declan!!!!! If we are ever going to save our World it is certainly through the children. You certainly can’t pull the wool over their eyes. I am going to look into the Million Horse March. I don’t recall receiving anything on this…Good point on the farm bill…I sure hope we can get that amended to protect our horses once again.


  5. yah I think john holland’s suggested amending the horse slaughter prevention act to a one of the big bill’s too. He’s a good man maybe he and wayne pacelle should work together on that one, I also have another thing to ask. doesn’t wallis have to have state approval to open the horse slaughter plant, I haven’t seen anymore pro horse slaughter bills since HB 1747 viebrock’s bill and you know HB 1747 failed, and I haven’t seen amy similar bills since, I checked it out a couple weeks and saw no pro horse slaughter bills.


  6. Thiis child is amazing, he hit it right to the heart, (looking into a horses eye and seeing the fear) I could not even imagine how awful it is for these beautiful animals to have such a terrible end. Yea, what did they ever do to anyone to deserve this


  7. Thank you, Declan ! As a parent, I can say that both my husband & I are teaching our daughter compassion & empathy for other living creatures. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, there IS something wrong with not teaching those very important things to children. By teaching, I also mean setting a good example, to be a good role model. Helping people in need, helping animals in need. There is no difference, life is life. I hide nothing from our daughter, at almost 15 yrs. old, she knows exactly where her “food” comes from, & how it got there. She knows that any animal she eats had a face, a family & it’s own life, however short that may have been. She knows the difference between companion animals & “food” animals/livestock, horses are companion animals, period. Regardless, no animal deserves to be tortured or abused, horse-slaughter is animal abuse, period. Kudos to all parents who are teaching their children the truth, & that they CAN make a difference, after all, this is their world too, they are the future & they have every right to stand up & be heard. We adults are the ones who need to listen, & learn. Far too many people have chosen to look the other way, to become mindless followers, & have forgotten to teach two of the most valuable life skills, compassion & empathy.


  8. Declan, you are doing something that truly matters, and you will find others along your path that will join you and work with you:

    Successful Rescue Stories of Horse Slaughter


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