Foreign Backed Wyoming Politician Losses Bid to Kill and Eat Horses in Mountain Grove, MO

By: Kevin Schwaller of the

Walli$ Bloody Plan Not Welcome in Down Home America

"Slaughterhouse" $ue Walli$

(Mountain Grove, MO) — Unified Equine is abandoning plans to transform a building near Mountain Grove into a horse slaughter facility.

That doesn’t mean its search is over; the company will be looking for another spot in south-central Missouri.

The issue continues to be a contentious one for the area.

Sue Wallis, the CEO of Unified Equine, answered questions from the public Monday in the Mountain Grove area.

“The purpose of setting up this meeting was to let the local community know exactly what it is that we’re planning.”

The conversation went fairly smoothly. Still, the meeting showed the growing tensions centered on the proposed plant in an Ozarks community.

“Our whole business model is based on horse industry realities,” adds Wallis. “And we have been working with scientists, experts, horse industry experts, meat industry experts.”

Protesters stood outside the Wright County Livestock Auction. Inside, a crowd asked questions about a proposed facility from Wyoming-based Unified Equine. It would kill horses to get meat for human consumption.

Wallis took questions and countered information from a presentation last week from a local attorney and opponent of the plant.

The owners of the auction would not let video camera inside. They thought the gear might insight more theatrics at the meeting. That’s also why several Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers went to the session.

“I think it was informative, but I still don’t agree,” says Donna DeWitt, who lives in the area. She doesn’t want the plant around here.

“I do not agree with the slaughter of horses because I love horses.”

Other opponents don’t have a problem with horse processing. They simply don’t want a facility near Mountain Grove. They have concerns about the effect a site will have on property values and the environment.

Wallis and Unified Equine are pushing to get a plant open by September.

“This is what is needed in order to restore the horse industry nationwide and for the welfare of horses.”

The company was looking at the Mountain Grove area because of the amount of horses in the region. It also needs shipping routes.

Wallis is not ruling out finding another site nearby, despite one of the original possibilities being out of the running.

The plant would kill and process 200-400 horses a day.

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28 comments on “Foreign Backed Wyoming Politician Losses Bid to Kill and Eat Horses in Mountain Grove, MO

  1. Has anyone asked the question: if this is what they want, WHY not start looking for a site in Wyoming?! Would love to hear the answer to that! LOL

    • Don’t give her that idea! WY is SUPER republican. Dick Cheney has a home in WY. Lots of actors and actresses from LA have homes in WY.

      They could just pass a slaughter bill. Plus there are many ranchers that live in HMA terrority–all mixed up in the patchwork quilt of property lines. They would happily vote for such a measure just to rid the lands of the wild horses.

  2. “Unified Equine is abandoning plans to transform a building near Mountain Grove into a horse slaughter facility.” Where is it stated that they lost anything? It appears to me (and other anti-slaughter advocates) that they are simply looking into a new location – in the same state!


    • No, Shirley….she doesn’t want to kill ALL equines; she wants to make money off of them and the breeders and thieves that want the same, plus ease of disposal with a payout. And remember, the breeders, owners and trainers that overbreed, break and maim them in their respective breeds and disciplines ALREADY GET TAX BREAKS FOR DOING THE OVERBREED, BREAK AND DUMP TO KILL.

      They just want more and they don’t care who the poison, as long as they get ease of disposal and their Judas silver.

      • Just a reminder, $$ is a STATE REP in the STATEHOUSE OF WYOMING…..NOT in Congress in DC. C’mon folks…know the enemy and enough with the appearance stuff. I’m fat and ugly, but I don’t support Human Consumption Horse Slaughter….you can’t judge a book by it’s cover OR dustjacket. (if anyone can remember what a book looks like)

    • Oh fun here we go again. The problem with Suzy is that she is a COUNTY rep. Her district is VERY small population wise. And most of the population is related to her. So the State has little say.

      However, it is disturbing to watch a politician using her Office as a means to open a business. Sure seems like she is abusing her authority.

      She needs to either step down form her Office or give up her need and want to kill horses.

      Please folk there are A LOT of good and decent folk that live in WY. People that pay their taxes, work really hard to pay their bills and raise strong responsible children. Please don’t lump everyone in the same class as Suzy just because they happen to live in the same State.

  4. This woman suffers OCD on killing horses. She needs mental help and drug therapy for the OCD. I still ask why are we as a nation so interested in killing things to kill? I liken her push to open a slaughter house by fall–almost as a hunter who is on a trophy hunt. Not at all appealing. Disgusting actually.

    Suzy please go home to Reluse. Your loved and wanted there. Our society doesn’t want or need you. Not til you get off your trophy hunter kill mentality.

    • She definitely needs more than Mental Therapy etc,a whole makeover would not be much help.Whatever political party she belongs,DO NOT VOTE FOR IT and make the head of the snake be advised accordingly whether it be Republican or Democrat.
      Vote for Decent Human Beings.

  5. RT: Here’s hoping your post is correct. I was at that protest yesterday in Mountain Grove, and we still all need to be vigilant — Kelly (who owns Wright Co. Sale Barn) told the group inside the meeting yeterday (someone that was allowed to go into the meeting came out and told us) that they WERE abandoning the proposed site but that HE had financial backers to put it somewhere else in Mountain Grove. It’s not going to be easy to make these people go away, but there are a lot of stubborn anti slaughter people here.

  6. To All In Missouri: Get your best groups together and make sure that they never open a slaughter house in your state. Its disgusting, sickening and the worse type of business for your communities. The damage to the environment, the smell of slaughtered horses and the terror the horses feel as they arrive at this plants is MORE THAN ANY NORMAL HUMAN CAN STAND. Please make sure to tell your community members that the majority of the horses were purchased under handedly no matter what people tell you. We in Illinois were able to rid ourselves of this cancer causing foreign company after years of fighting and appealing…How can anyone from Wyoming live in the state knowing that they have a Legislator thats hell bent on destroying American equines? The citizens of the state need to pursue an immedidate recall of her position and find someone else to run against her…Why doesn’t she name the company appropriately – The Unified Horse Killers…Unified Equines makes it sound like she really has a legitimate company…We all know that they don’t give a damn about the welfare of the horses. Sadly, there are idiots in our country and in Congress that concentrate on ill will to the people and to the animals of this country. We need to push for the bill to pass in Washington once and for all! Shame on all the Legislators that are holding their greedy hands out for this blood money! They are disgusting!!!

    • Gail, even though Slaughterhouse Sue has abandoned the original site, she’s still looking around SW MO for another site. She’s now in cahoots with Mr Kelly who owns the Mt. Grove Sale Barn. This is a dangerous combination, cause Kelly is one of the local “good ole boys” and thinks he owns Wright County. We’ll never give up the fight in MO, but we need to do this on a national level also. Everyone needs to contact their US Senator and US Congressmen,, and sign all the 6 pages of anti slaughter petitions on Go to Animals, then search Horse Slaughter. And contact anyone else that you think will listen. If we can go back to no horse slaughter in the US, plus go forward with prohibiting shipping horses to Mexico & Canada for slaughter, we won’t have to keep fighting this on a state level.

  7. She’s going to save the horse industry? Really? Before she is finished she will probably kil
    The domestic meat industry. Every time there is an article published and someone else asks, how is slaughtering a horse different than slaughtering a cow, someone answers. If that person or two or three other non animal-agriculture initiated people start googling around, find the reports about how horses are treated on their way to slaughter, and find some of these video and pictures—-people find out. And the more you learn, the more questions you have. Then they start reading about.

    If the horse industry needs her kind of cure, it needs to die.

    However, we got some important information in this post that makes sense of some other information that heretofore did not make sense. A couple of dots standing all by themselves just got linked to this massive web of deceit.

  8. Yah I think it’s time for missouri to stop the horse slaughter plant maybe you can write the legislature to get a ballot initiative out the bans horse slaughter in missouri, or get the first ever federal ballot initiative out and pass the horse slaughter prevention act, I know there aren’t any fed ballot intiatives yet but there’s always a first.

  9. I second andy’s comment. Missouri citizens should probably start gathering signatures to get this on the state ballot.

  10. I live in Missouri, &, I have one BIG message: GO AWAY SUE, OR WE WILL MAKE YOU GO!! Missouri does NOT want a horse slaughter facility ANYWHERE in OUR state! If YOU must kill & eat horses, do it in your own state!! You & your foreign buyers, from Belgium or elsewhere, are not welcome in “The Show-Me State”. We WILL win, one way or another!

    • Valerie: Another stubborn Missourian heard from! Me, too, Ilive near Mountain Grove and there are lots of stubborn Missourians besides us two.

  11. One more little thing, Sue Wallis is a menace & a very real dangerous threat to equines everywhere, &, to society in general. She sadly can not be “fixed”, & even though I generally don’t advocate violence, Sue needs a captive bolt between her eyes, the sooner the better! Between hearing about the nasty, toxic “pink slime” in the news, added to ground beef (& put into SCHOOL lunches, no less!!), & Sue Wallis wanting everyone to eat our horses (also full of potentially deadly toxins!), I think eating NO meat would be the safest thing for all, or maybe the human race is on a one-way path to self-destruction??

  12. Blatant hypocrisy at its best!

    But Mindy Patterson of the Missouri Equine Council said there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted horses nationwide. “I implore them to give heed to the thought that these horses are suffering a painful death of starvation,” Patterson said.

    “But the company’s own literature says the plant would not be for old or sick horses and it did not rule out breeding for slaughter purposes.”

    “The horses that are processed — it’s just like cattle or hogs or sheep. You don’t want starving, abused horses. You want horses that are in good shape,” said Wallis.,0,237037.story

    >and with that, not another word about starving horses and how slaughter is the best and only option for them!

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